In Case With Grace: June 2024

Hello hello, we’ve got a lil bit of a face change here as I’ve switched to a new newsletter host— hopefully things don’t seem too off! That said, hello! It’s been a little while! Life’s been goofy and I’ve not had time for the newsletter in a While, but now I’m hoping to make a proper, consistent return to it!

Since this is a bit of a special case, we’ll start off with an extra catch-up section that covers the highlights between September 2023 and May 2024.

These past few months, I…

  • Released the GUTGUN living anthology, and its first few stories! (I need to change this to a more accessible color palette, still.)

  • Finished one of my biggest pieces yet, the Mouth of Veshalbahn

  • Finished the Umqwam logo (but didn’t release it. New info on this in this month’s section!)

  • Released a lil sleepy mecha battle rpg: Mech Your Bed.

  • Did a bunch of magic system icons for a client (Vazimet, once again!)

  • Ran yet another APRA Halloween ARG.

  • Did a set of holiday letters.

  • Released a 24 word TTRPG: HUNTHEAD.

  • Ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for my boomer-shooter TTRPG, GUTGUN. (and have been working on the game since!)

  • Made a few miscellaneous art pieces.

  • Released a single page TTRPG: ONESIX HYPERFIX

  • Did a bunch of emergency sword commissions!

  • Founded a trans support group for my town.

  • Finished the core rules draft for Chameleon Core, ran a bunch of playtests.

Now, for the actual month this is meant to cover: May 2024! A lot happened this last month— including some pretty big changes!

This month, I…

  • I changed my legal name! (Grace Gittel Lewis!

  • I rebranded from Timepool to Incaseofgrace!

  • I redesigned my logo and various branding images!

  • I redesigned and relaunched my website!

  • Did a set of icons as a commission!

  • Organized Me, You, and the Breeze into a zine— I’ll release this eventually. Soonish. Probably.

  • Tabled at my first ever…table…event…thing! (The Olympia Zine Fair!)

  • Worked more on GUTGUN!

The Accessible Design Survival Guide

I wrote, edited, laid out, and printed a guide that covers the basics of accessible graphic design! It’s FREE! You should yoink it if you’ve any interest in design— and if you do design as part of your work, especially! (Link)

Cool Things

The Sisters of Dorley Hall

This book has a frankly insane premise— a closeted trans girl uncovers a secret forced-feminization program and gets herself kidnapped by them in order to get free healthcare and support for her transition. It takes an erotica trope and instead takes it completely seriously!

Dorley handles its chosen topic with a surprising amount of care, properly addressing the horror of being forced to conform to a gender you don’t identify with. It’s by a trans author, so the moments we spend with the main character and her own transition (and having to hide the fact that she isn’t an unwilling man) can be just as harrowing.

One of the most stressful things I’ve gone through in any recent media was a scene involving her, even! Beyond that, the book follows a number of other characters in and around Dorley— and touches a lot on trans experiences in a way I’ve not…really encountered in anything before. It hits awfully close to home a lot of the time!

It’s made me realize that I really need to read more trans literature.

This is just the first book in a trilogy, I’m currently on the second book and will take my time to chew through em all. It’s been a very engaging, gut-punching read thus far!

Grapple Dog

GRAPPLE DOG— HE’S THE DOG WITH THE GRAPPLE IN HIS…hand. This is a platformer spearheaded by a former Nitrome artist and developer, and boy howdy does it show! This is one of the best looking, most polished platformers I’ve seen in quite some time!

There are a few surprising accessibility options in here that I rarely see, too, which I greatly appreciate!

It’s a fun lil game, I was pretty impressed with how fluid it feels to play!

Kill Six Billion Demons

A webcomic I’d picked up and dropped years ago, and now finally caught up on after re-reading from the beginning. It follows the journey of a human woman who ends up getting caught in an ancient power struggle in what we would call Hell. It’s…not exactly Hell as you might know it, though, K6BD does a lot of its own worldbuilding and creates a truly alien world that’s fascinating to explore in its own right.

This comic is absolute eye candy— the art is gorgeous, and often just sick as hell!

If you’ve somehow never heard of K6BD before, you’re in for a real treat! The writing does waver between “incredibly gripping” and “extremely mid,” which can lead to some whiplash. But, the world of K6BD is chock full of interesting ideas— that and the art alone make it worth reading!

We’re in the final book now, so it’s a good a time as any to get on board!


Each month I provide a prompt to inspire you to create something in any medium you like!

This month’s prompt: Shedding old skin.

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